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Milk Dispensers

Catering establishments such as work canteens, restaurants and cafes that serve hot and cold beverages can go through many litres of milk each day.

When milk is purchased in cartons, it can take up a lot of space in the fridge. It may also mean that caterers are constantly opening and shutting the fridge, which can affect the temperature of the milk and other food items in the fridge.

One alternative is to serve individual milk portions. However, these can be fiddly to open and there is the added problem of what to do with all of the little plastic containers afterwards.

A clean and effective solution is to invest in a milk dispenser to chill and provide milk easily without any mess. It is a quick and clean way to dispense milk.

It will also save time for the people serving in the canteen, restaurant or café because they no longer have to keep adding milk to each drink or over cereal, for example.

The fresh milk is put into the machine, where it is kept fresh at a low temperature by a built-in cooling compressor.

This storage method is hygienic and reduces waste. It is easy to clean, with a fully removable drip tray and a tap that dispenses the milk.

Employees will also find that the milk dispenser is simple and quick to load. It holds ten litres (three gallons) and will not need to be refilled frequently, yet it is big enough to cater for a large number of people.

A milk dispenser is a practical and reliable solution for the catering and hospitality trades.