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Water Coolers

Cooking with a water bath, or sous vide machine, is a method that enables you to produce delicious, moist dishes. With a water bath cooker, the basic premise is to seal your chosen food in a sturdy, airtight plastic bag and place it in a steam environment with tightly controlled temperatures.

The cooking time utilised in a water bath cooker is far longer than that of conventional cooking methods; it can even be as long as 96 hours in some cases! A much lower temperature is used, with the aim of cooking the item as evenly as possible and allowing the inside to be perfectly cooked. The outside is unlikely to be overcooked because it cannot reach a higher temperature than the bath it has been placed in, and the food typically ends up juicy and moist. It is the precise temperature control that lends itself to such even cooking, even for very thick or oddly shaped cuts of meat.

The food is sealed and airtight, which means that once it has been cooked, it can be refrigerated and stored for longer periods of time. This is very useful for the catering trade.

We have a range of dependable digital water baths from Instanta that will help you create moist, delicious dishes. The digital displays allow you to set the time required, and you are able to control the temperature to within 0.1°C for the desired results. These models offer protection from your cooking boiling dry.

The human body consists of around 60% water and functions best when this level is maintained. Making it easy for your staff to stay properly hydrated throughout the day helps to reduce fatigue and can improve concentration and memory, while offering water in waiting rooms or other public areas of a premises is a gesture that is always appreciated. Keep your customers happy and your staff at optimal efficiency by installing a water dispenser.

Choose compact, free-standing units that can be placed anywhere and are easy to refill or more advanced plumbed-in units that provide both hot and cold drinking water at the press of a button. Stylish floor-standing units provide easy access to the water, while compact, table-top dispensers are ideal if you have less available space. Although it will require less in the way of ongoing maintenance, a plumbed-in water cooler can only be placed in a limited number of locations.

A water dispenser provides greater levels of hygiene than conventional taps, especially when used in conjunction with disposable cups, and can make use of in-line filtration systems that remove any unwanted chemicals or odours for great-tasting water without the wait.

With models from leading manufacturers such as Winix, Bravilor and Foster, you can rest assured that any water cooler your purchase from Alexanders Appliances Direct will provide you with many years of trouble-free service.