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Commercial Ovens



There are many different options when purchasing a new cooking platform for your business. It can be overwhelming! This guide will help you decipher the product and choose what’s right for you.

What Fuel Type Do I Need?

You have 3 options when it comes to fuel type, Gas, Electric and Duel Fuel. Gas is generally the most efficient but that depends on your energy service provider. The main factor is, what setup do I currently have? Most electric ovens have a minimal requirement of being single phase. Very few have 13amp plug integration and if they do it would be for a small part of the oven e.g. just the hob top. So make sure you have the necessary electrical requirements before purchasing an electrical powered machine as this is a costly mistake!

Gas comes in natural or LPG supply. Determining which one’s the best for you isflame-580342_960_720 down to a few factors. One would be the position of your oven. If where you want the oven to be situated is too far from your mains then you have to have LPG supplied gas as it’s a portable fuel. Natural gas supply is a lot more convenient in the sense that you won’t have to keep a supply of gas at hand but sometimes this isn’t entirely avoidable.

Gas hob tops have different advantages than electric and vice versa. Gas hobs are better and controlling temperature and have a much more dynamic heat distribution and it’s much easier to put good times on the “simmer point” as opposed to electric. Electric hob tops have a much more even heat distribution for a consistent temperature while cooking.

What do I need in my kitchen before I purchase?

It is now a legal requirement man to have a gas interlocking system in any commercial kitchen. It prevents the flow of gas should there be a failure in the extractor fan. This is vital to check before purchasing; if you are found without one in an inspection then you could face a massive fine and have your kitchen shut down. Speak to a corgi registered engineer about your current setup and if need be have a site survey to make sure you are in compliance with regulations.

A extraction canopy is also a must. You need an extractor fan to keep the area ventilated and prevent a build-up of soiled matter heat and flames from the food. The filters in the fan help reduce the fumes into something clear which is then pumped outside. There are difference sizes available but you must make sure the canopy you choose complete covers the whole area of the cooker.

What oven will suit my usage?

You need to assess how much you feel you will be using your oven. Once or twice a week compared to everyday makes a massive difference on the strain on the appliance. If you need advice then our knowledgeable sales team and they can point you in the right direction. These units are a big investment as they are the main station for cooking meals and the backbone for a lot of businesses.

Look out for reviews that suggest good build quality and high grade steel construction.