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Commercial Dryers



With so many dryers on the market, making a choice for your business can be tough. The following guide should help you with your purchase.

What Capacity do I need?

DV431Most people get a tumble dryer to match their washer. So getting a dryer that matches the capacity is always a good idea. The idea is you want to reduce the amount of times you have to use these machines as they use a lot more power than any other laundry product. The bigger capacity dryer you can fit the better as this will reduce the amount of times you have to use the machine, especially if you are part of a busy hotel or veterinary service etc.

How many times you are using it per day is the biggest factors that determines which dryer you need to purchase. Nearly any dryer can be used 1 or 2 times a day without issue. However when you are using a dryer 3+ times a day then you will need to get something that copes which that usages as a light duty unit will begin to struggle after a few months of usage. We try are best to designate units with their recommended usage but if you are confused then please contact the sales office for advice.

Vented or Condenser?

There are two options when it comes to dryers. Vented dryers expel the warm air through a pipe or “vent” hence the name. These units require a setup near an outlet leading outside to expel the moist air. Venting kits are available and they include the piping needed to fit on the back of the machine and lead outside. Normally these are around 1.5m in length.

Condenser Dryers are generally considered more convenient as you can place them anywhere. They collect moisture into a reservoir. This is then removed when full and emptied. These units have no need to any venting and all they require is a water and power supply. The trade-off is that the drying cycles on a condenser dryer take longer than vented so that is something to consider.

Do I have the correct power supply?

It is very unheard of to find a commercial dryer running off a standard UK 13 amp plug. This is because these units need a bit more power than that can supply. They are normally 30 amp and require hard wiring into the mains. This can be done but will require an installation from an electrician. One of our biggest problems with commercial dryers is people not checking if they have the right set up for these units so don’t get caught out!