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Whether it's for a small bar attached to a restaurant or a large busy venue, there's a commercial glass washer available that will be perfect for the job. Well-known commercial brands such as DC, Mach, Hobart, Prodis, Fangor and Classeq provide a good choice of models, from the small and inexpensive to the heavy-duty, fast-cycle washers.

As they are designed to get glassware clean fast, completing a wash cycle within five minutes is standard for all models. If space is short, the compact DC Standard SG40 stands at 580mm with a width of 415mm and washes up to 18 glasses in one cycle. Its larger premium counterpart, the DC PG40, has a cold rinse, enabling freshly washed glasses to be used again straight away.

Where keeping up with constant high-volume demand is essential, the Hobart Ecomax G502's ability to perform up to 60 cycles is worth serious consideration. If versatility is what is needed, the popular Prodis E80X has an adjustable wash cycle, comes with optional drain pump and also can run on either 30, 20 or 13 amp power supplies.

These are just a few of the wide variety of commercial glass washer models available, offering a range of features that are either already built in or come as optional add-ons. With many of the machines now also WRAS-approved, there's a good choice available for large and small catering establishments alike.