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Undercounter Dishwashers

For catering establishments that are looking for an undercounter dishwasher, there are a number of great choices on the market. Washers come in a range of sizes, from the compact DC Premium Range PD40 13-amp model, squeezing in at just 780mm in height and 500mm in width, to the bigger appliances capable of handling larger loads.

DC offers a good variety of products in their standard, economy and premium ranges, many with optional add-ons such as drain pumps, water softeners and break tanks.

All countertop dishwashers complete a cycle in less than five minutes, but for those looking for speedy throughput, the Hobart Ecomax Plus F503/S DIshwasher is an attractive choice, boasting up to 40 wash cycles an hour. For smaller businesses or those that are just starting up, the Prodis E50D Dishwasher is a popular choice as a reliable, lower-cost model.

These are just some of the undercounter dishwasher options on offer. The flexibility in the choice of add-ons, compact sizes and durable models at the lower end of the price range will suit any catering business, no matter how large or small.