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BBQs / Barbecues

If you are looking for a professional BBQ or a heavy duty BBQ, then you have come to the right place! We stock a huge selection of reliable and sturdy Barbecues that are perfect for your business. Our range of Barbecues means we have a product to fit every need and budget. Whether just starting your business or an established catering company, we have the right BBQ for you.

We stock a range of charcoal and gas/lpg barbecues from simple charcoal grills ideal for small businesses, events or just to increase your offering - to hooded grills which offer a huge capacity and variety.  All BBQs come with a commercial warranty the length of which depending on your budget .

The Crown Verity range is ideal for large commerical catering, the MCB72 is perfect for any medium to large catering company, grilling up to 560 burgers per hour and comprising a huge cooking surface with 10 burners. The MCB30 Professional BBQ is more compact and is perfect for anyone who has limited space. Its small size does not distract from its grilling power, and it comes with extras such as a roll dome and bun rack. The MCB48 is a great mid-range option, which heats up quickly and can cook over 300 burgers per hour.

These BBQs are a great option for outdoor events such as festivals, weddings and social occasions. They are investment pieces that provide the catering you need and will last for many years to come.