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Chargrills are an important and useful piece of equipment for a wide variety of kitchens. All kinds of food businesses, from restaurants to event caterers and mobile food sellers, benefit from the practical, fast cooking and unique, distinctive and delicious taste that a chargrill will give to food. The fantastic barbecue-style taste it gives to food is so widely loved that just putting the word “chargrilled” in the name of an item on the menu will be enough to get a customer's mouth watering.

As such a broad range of food businesses make good use of a commercial char grill, a huge variety of different types and models are available. These include electric models as well as the more common gas chargrill, along with a variety of different sizes to cope with different scales and volumes of food service. There are also both freestanding and countertop chargrills available, as well as models designed for easy transportation and those that are best used within the confines of a single kitchen.

At Alexanders Direct, we offer a complete and varied selection of different commercial char grill types and models. Our range encompasses the full variety of different types on the market, so there is sure to be something to suit every business. We stock a range of sizes, physical types and feature sets to suit a complete range of different applications, and all come from trusted manufacturers so you can be sure of reliable and good-quality service in even the busiest commercial kitchen.