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Cookers / Ovens

A top-quality commercial oven is at the heart of any professional kitchen. It is here that the alchemy of bakery takes place, with chefs creating the finest pastry and patisserie products. It is also where the kitchen prepares hearty stews, roasts and casseroles. Each chef will have their own ideas about what makes the perfect commercial oven, but the range at Alexanders is wide enough to accommodate most preferences. Here you will find gas cookers with integral ovens, electric cookers and ovens, convection ovens, combination ovens and dual-fuel units. The chef should ensure that the chosen model has the temperature range and control that he or she is looking for.

All the top names in commercial cookers are here, including Thor, Parry, Viscount, Lincat, Imperial, Falcon, Moorwood, Burco, Buffalo, Blue Seal, Masterchef, Whirlpool and many more. There are also specialist items such as bakery ovens. Large-capacity ovens can be useful in commercial kitchens, but so can double ovens, which allow chef to maintain separate temperatures for specific dishes. Whether the preference is for gas or electricity, you can select from ovens with removable racks and easy-clean surfaces both inside and out. Smaller ovens can be positioned on the worktop, while larger units come in a variety of floor-standing sizes to suit the dimensions of any kitchen. The bright aluminium or stainless steel finishes, meanwhile, bring an air of professionalism to busy kitchens and set the mood for an efficient service.
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