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Combination Ovens

A commercial combination oven could be one of the most important investments in any professional kitchen. It is a multifunctional appliance that offers different cooking styles in a short time frame, eliminating the need for a bank of different appliances for different jobs. Sometimes known as a combination steamer, the commercial combination oven features a variety of cooking modes including adjustable convection cooking, steaming and programmable settings.

Alexanders stocks combination ovens from well-known professional catering brand such as Parry, a UK company that has been making professional catering equipment since 1943. All products come with a manufacturer's guarantee.

Gas and electric ovens are available, some of which will need a three-phase power supply. Most models feature a glazed front door and are capable of cooking high quantities of food in short order for high-output establishments such as busy restaurants and hotels. Ovens are listed with the quantity of 1x1 gastronorms they can hold, which are the catering industry’s standard container sizes. You can determine which commercial combination oven suits your requirements by working out the quantity of covers you need to handle at a time and the amount of space you have available in your kitchen.

At Alexanders, we try to keep advertised products in stock and can arrange quick and free delivery for online orders. Please ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for help if you have any questions about our commercial combination ovens.