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Display Chest Freezer

Whether you are a small- or medium-sized retailer selling frozen meals and snacks or a cafe selling ready-made ice lollies and ice creams, a commercial display freezer is worth investing in so that you can show and sell your products.

While it is true that most display freezers are chest-style freezers that require a large amount of space, smaller upright freezers are available such as those from Tefcold. Due to their size, upright freezers require less space and are perfect if you have some frozen stock but not a huge amount. They would be perfect for storing ice creams and lollies.

If you are looking for a larger commercial display freezer, then a chest-style one is the best option. These have a good-sized capacity and are generally available with two different styles of top-opening lids ‒ either hinged glass lids or sliding-style doors. Manufacturers such as Tefcold make some chest freezers with a curved sliding lid, while others such as those from Vestfrost have a traditional 'flat' design.

The capacity of commercial display freezers varies, but companies such as Arcaboa include larger-capacity freezers ‒ up to 36 cubic feet ‒ within their range Almost all chest freezers come with casters, which means they can be easily moved within your retail space if necessary. While most are designed to stand against a wall, the range from Iarp includes an open-top island freezer that looks best in an open space.

Whichever commercial display freezer you choose, it will come with baskets, adjustable temperature control and a manufacturer's warranty.
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