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Food / Bar Blenders

A bar blender and a food blender are very different items and should not be confused. While both can have similar features, they are not the same. Bar blenders differ from regular food-oriented blenders in a number of important ways. They are more heavy duty, with tougher blades and stronger motors to cope with the demands of not only mixing drinks but also grinding ice. This allows bars to serve popular frozen drinks such as daiquiris or frozen margaritas.

A good bar blender is essential for any bar that wants to give its customers a full range of cocktails, including the extremely popular varieties of frozen drink. They are also incredibly useful and versatile tools to have for a whole range of other purposes, from simple mixing to providing a heavier-duty, more capable blending solution for food applications.

Alexanders Appliances Direct provides a wide range of commercial blender brands and models, including food blender and bar blender varieties. We stock a variety of different types, capacities and power ratings to suit various business needs and applications. This includes everything from simple yet capable blenders with few added frills to blenders with multiple speeds, modes and additional functions. We can even supply blenders with pre-programmed recipes and blending cycles, which can be modified through a USB connection.

All the blenders we stock are from reliable and high-quality brands and you can be sure that they will give capable and dependable service for the long term. They are built to fit the needs of business users and you are sure to find a good fit for your business in our extensive range.