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Vacuum Pack Machines

Vacuum packing is the quick and easy way to extend the life of fresh food and pre-prepared dishes. Food goes bad chiefly because of the combined effect of bacteria and oxygen. By removing all the oxygen and bacteria, vacuum packing dramatically slows the rate at which food deteriorates.

A vacuum packaging machine can be used to preserve and store a wide range of fresh or cooked foods, but the technique can also be used to add flavour by marinating or infusing with herbs and spices, or to cook using the sous vide method. Vacuum sealing also allows for precise portion control which helps to reduce wastage. The technique works equally well with solids or liquids meaning that sauces and soups can all be sealed and stored efficiently. Another advantage is that, unlike some preservation techniques, vacuum packing preserves the original size and weight.

From meat, fish and poultry to cheese, vegetables and fruits, vacuum sealing allows fresh food to be stored for several days with no loss of quality as all the natural delicate flavours of the food are retained. Using a vacuum packaging machine to seal foods before they are frozen protects them from the damaging effects of freezer burn which can ruin both the texture and the flavour of food.

Our range of vacuum packaging machines includes models from leading brands like Sammic and Buffalo. Whether you're looking for a basic table-top unit for occasional use, a more heavy duty machine or an automatic model that works at the touch of a single button, you'll find just what you need.