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Fish Fridges

A fish fridge can be a great asset for catering businesses that have a large number of fish and seafood dishes. They provide the facilities for you to keep all the fish separate from other produce, which prevents contamination and improves safety standards. At Alexanders Appliances Direct we have a range of fish refrigerators in stock from brands such as Foster, Diamond, Osborne and Infrico.

Fish fridges come with a choice of drawer styles and configurations so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your business. The drawers in a fish fridge are fitted with a drain plate. This enables excess fluids from the fish to drain away so that it’s not sitting in it. This keeps the fish fresher. The drain plate can then be emptied and cleaned quickly and easily when necessary.

With such a wide variety of fish fridges available, at Alexanders Appliances Direct we’ll have one that suits your requirements. These are reliable appliances that can be equipped with advanced technological features and offer energy-efficiency benefits. They come in a choice of sizes and capacities to fit into the space you have available and cater for the demands of your kitchen.

Installing a fish fridge in your kitchen will enable you to improve the service you provide to your customers. They are low-maintenance appliances and are of a robust nature to enable them to stand up to the heavy demands of a commercial kitchen.

If you require any advice on choosing a fish refrigerator for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.
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