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Bratt Pans

High-volume catering requires specialist cooking equipment. Schools, hospitals, universities, prisons, hotels and large restaurants will often have to cater to heavy demand.

A bratt pan is a type of pan that does much more than fry. These deep cooking receptacles are capable of performing several cooking tasks at the same time, and once food is cooked, the tilting mechanism enables the contents to be removed quickly.

A commercial tilting bratt pan is highly versatile and will save space in larger kitchens. Some models are able to perform eight cooking functions: boiling, braising, poaching, steaming, deep-fat frying, roasting, stewing and shallow frying.

Pans made by Whirlpool, Falcon and Blueseal come in a range of capacities to suit different catering requirements and work with gas or electricity. They can be utilised for multi-function cooking of one specific food item, such as frying a cut of meat with the lid open, then adding liquid to softly braise. Smaller units have fewer cooking functions.

When cooking is complete, the pan can be tilted manually or automatically, enabling the contents to be removed quickly and leaving the pan empty for easy cleaning. Many units are also plumbed in to enable water to be used for both cooking and washing out.

A commercial tilting bratt pan can help your establishment to run smoothly and efficiently. It enables a wide range of foods to be prepared quickly and easily in a number of ways. Easy to clean and use, this pan is an essential item of cooking equipment for any high-volume kitchen or food service outfit.