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Commercial Ice Cream Display Freezers

If you own a café or a retail food outlet, you might want to sell freshly scooped ice cream in tubs or cones during the summer months. One of the great things about selling ice cream this way is that you can sell several flavours to give yourself a broader market appeal. If you plan to sell ice cream in this way, you will need to invest in an ice cream display freezer so that your customers can see the different flavours that are on offer. This will also make it easier for you as the retailer to sell and serve the ice cream.

The first thing to decide before you purchase an ice cream display freezer is how many flavours of ice cream you plan to sell. Display freezers tend to take pans that can hold five litres of ice cream, and each freezer can hold as few as four pans all the way up to a freezer from AHT Boston that holds as many as 22 pans of ice cream.

On most ice cream freezers, the base looks like a chest freezer; this is where the pans of ice cream sit. This base is generally white, although manufacturers such as Gran Gala offer a finish in a variety of colours. The lid is usually curved to enable customers to properly see all the flavours.

Most ice cream display freezers do not include the pans for the ice cream. However, they do typically come with a manufacturer's warranty, illumination, temperature control, and castors fitted so that the freezer can be easily moved.