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Stick Blenders

In the professional catering or restaurant business, a hand blender is an essential piece of equipment. Hand blenders or stick food blenders simply offer a quicker, easier and cleaner way of blending things. When you have large orders to fill or a lunch time run with lots of covers, saving time on both blending and cleaning is of the utmost importance. A stick food blender will just plug in and go, so you don't have to assemble lots of different parts. In addition, they are very easy to clean: the mixing attachment just comes off, and a quick rinse under the tap is all they need.

There is a wide range of stick food blenders available. Popular brands include Robot Coupe, Dynamic, Waring, Sammic and Ital. You can chose from single-attachment hand blenders or multi-function ones. A multi-function hand blender will come with a range of different attachment all performing different functions, so you can beat, whisk and blend food to a different thickness, for example. A single-attachment blender will just blend your food, but the coarseness can be changed depending on how long you blend for.

Nowadays most blenders will have stainless steel and removable attachments, which means no rust and very easy cleaning. If your menus regularly use ingredients that need to be blended or puréed, then buy a good-quality hand blender and you’ll never look back.