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Food Graters

Every professional chef knows that good preparation is the key to a smooth kitchen service. With so many tasks to complete, timing is of the essence, and some automation of labour-intensive tasks is an absolute must. An automatic cheese grater is a smart choice for the busy professional kitchen. A variety of cutting surfaces will be able to produce exactly the finish that the chef is looking for in order to maintain the highest standards in his food prep.

An electric cheese grater will not only get the job done faster, it will also grate more accurately. Consistency is one of the key attributes of a top kitchen, and an electric cheese grater provides the chef with predictable results again and again.

A good automatic cheese grater will not only prep the cheese, it will also be able to grate a number of other foods, increasing its utility in the kitchen. Leading brands such as Santos and Metcalfe are available right here at Alexanders and provide the professional chef with a winning combination of features and capacities. The durable motors are designed to be quiet during operation whilst coping with the demands of a busy commercial kitchen.

Discerning diners are more educated about their food than ever before, and professional appliances are an absolute must in maintaining the highest possible standard and achieving consistency in the preparation and presentation of every dish that is presented to the customer.