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Electric Potato Peelers

Peeling potatoes is a fairly simple task, but in spite of that it's also one of the biggest challenges in catering when done by hand. It is a slow and relatively labour-intensive process. It is also famously dull and is such a drudge that it has even become one of the most well-known punishments dished out by the army to misbehaving privates.

But potatoes do need to be peeled, because they are turned into so many of the much-loved staples of Western cuisine. Whether boiled, chipped, mashed or used to top a shepherd's pie, potatoes are in high demand and will be one of the ingredients that flows most heavily out of a commercial kitchen. For this reason, an electric potato peeler is often considered one of the most useful and essential tools in modern catering. It will massively cut down on the time, labour, and boredom involved in peeling potatoes, allowing a commercial kitchen to almost effortlessly peel potatoes on a large scale and keep up with heavy demand.

At Alexanders Direct, we are sure to stock an electric potato peeler to suit the needs of your business. We stock a wide variety of good-quality electric peelers from a range of trusted manufacturers. We can provide peelers of various types, sizes and capacities, so you have the freedom to choose based on the individual requirements of your business, and all will offer reliable and effective potato peeling in the long term.