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Vegetable Preparation

Vegetable preparation has traditionally been one of the big challenges facing a food business. When completed manually vegetable preparation is labour intensive and takes a long time, but it is completely essential for a big chunk of the menu and demand for it is high. Keeping up with the amount of peeling, chopping, slicing and dicing needed for dishes to flow out of the kitchen in good time takes a lot of effort and eats up a lot of time that could be saved or spent on more demanding work ‒ often for multiple employees.

Fortunately technology has caught up with the needs of restaurants and caterers and has created the vegetable prep machine. Through the use of different discs and attachments in combination with a powerful electric motor, a vegetable preparation machine can carry out a full range of vital functions such as peeling, slicing, dicing and chipping. More importantly, it can do these tasks far faster than a pair of human hands armed with just knives and peelers. A good vegetable prep machine is an immense boon for restaurants, cafes, delis, sandwich bars and most other kinds of food business. It will get all your vegetables prepared and ready for cooking or serving far faster and with minimal effort, helping you to keep up with customer needs and provide the best, quickest service.

Alexanders Appliances Direct offers a full range of vegetable prep machines. All come from reliable, quality manufacturers and we offer a range of power ratings, functions and sizes for different types and scales of business.