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Patisserie/Deli Display Cabinets

There is a vast range of patisserie/deli display fridges from which to choose, from several different manufacturers. An attractive display helps to increase sales and many of these display fridges incorporate lighting to enhance the appearance of the products on display.

The Valera 800 G LED Refrigerated Dessert Display has an LED display and rotating shelves that stop automatically when the door opens; alternatively, the display can be static if the rotating display is switched off. With triple-glazed energy-saving panels and castors for easy movement, this patisserie display fridge is versatile and attractive.

The Trimco Zurich 100 SS Patisserie Display Cabinet is available in three sizes. It has illuminated glass shelves, double-glazed sliding rear doors, fan-assisted cooling and adjustable feet.

For an affordable patisserie display fridge, the Tefcold UPD60 Glass Display with fan-assisted cooling and adjustable shelving may fit the bill.

The Frilixa TEJO II 200 Serve Over Counter for Patisserie has one refrigerated and three ambient shelves. It is easy to clean and load due to rear decks that slide out, and the interior light is switchable. The interior is stainless steel and there is a marble rear shelf. This patisserie display fridge is available in four widths, ranging from 1,035mm to 2,885mm.

Scanfrost by Caravell offers patisserie display units in different sizes and designs. These units have rotating or fixed shelves, vertical strip lights and triple-glazed doors. Options include factory-fitted locks and different colours or light walnut-effect finishes. These display fridges are very reliable due to their use of Danfoss compressors and have an excellent reputation.