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Ice Makers

A high-quality commercial ice maker enables kitchens to create a constant supply of ice-cold drinks and foods. The range of ice makers available includes high-performance brands such as Smeg, Whirlpool, Halcyon, Icematic, Polar, Apollo, Hoshizaki, Red One, Foster and Interlevin. Styles available include full-cube and hollow-cube makers, ice flakers, mains-fill and manual-fill ice makers and counter-top designs for smaller kitchens.

The full-cube ice maker from Smeg has a 6kg capacity and creates full cubes, while the hollow-cube variety stores 6.5 kg and uses less water for each cube, giving a different aesthetic effect. The Whirlpool ice makers are fully automatic and made from stainless steel for durable, rust-proof performance.

The Halycon ice machine designs offer high performance and speed with storage capacities from 8kg to 65kg, together with a production capacity of up to 130kg every 24 hours. This makes them ideal for both large and small kitchens, restaurants and hotels.

The Icematic ice flaker machines use a vertical cylindrical evaporator which gives a constant supply of flaked ice. These designs use the Agion Antimicrobial protection compound, which deflects microbes and bacteria for optimum hygiene. Icematic machines also have lower power and water consumption to provide lower running costs.

Polar ice makers come as both mains-fill for larger capacities and manual-fill for a counter-top alternative, while their stainless steel housing is easy to clean. Apollo also offers counter-top and under-counter designs with high output and exceptional quality, while a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker provides a choice of cube, crescent, cube-let, thimble or flaked ice.
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