Other Laundry & Warewashing Equipment

With the extensive range of commercial dishwasher appliances available today, a catering business could arguably be spoilt for choice. Well-known brands such as Hobart, Classeq, Unica, Fagor, Prodis, Mach and DC provide a variety of appliances designed to perform in the busy professional kitchen. From the smallest undercounter dishwasher that can wash a dozen full size plates in just two minutes to the heavy-duty pot washers with their powerful wash pumps and capacity to accommodate bulky pots and pans, there is something to suit the needs of every pub, restaurant or hotel.

Counter dishwashers are popular with small and large establishments alike. The DC range of undercounter dishwashers is available in a range of sizes and all have wash cycles lasting less than five minutes, while glasswashers that can run up to 60 wash cycles an hour will ensure a steady supply of bright, sparkling glasses to keep up with customer demand.

The larger passthrough or hood varieties of commercial dishwasher can be assembled with the entry and exit tables arranged in either a straight line or a corner configuration for increased versatility. Specifically-designed potwashers, such as the Project System S100 Heavy Duty Potwasher, have sufficient internal space and deep baskets to accommodate both large and awkwardly-shaped pots and pans. Machine add-ons and alternative parts are available for many models so that they can be customised to fit any catering facility.