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Refrigerated Counters

A combination of worktop and under counter refrigerated storage is an ideal way to optimise space usage in the busy, professional kitchen. The refrigerated counter worktop range comes in two-, three- and four-door units from well-known brands such as King, Polar, Ecco, Prodis, Valero and Apollo.

At the smaller end of the range there are compact two-door varieties such as the Ecco ESL3801, which despite its small dimensions has a 300-litre capacity. With the compressor and condenser mounted underneath the storage rather than beside it, the unit is just 900mm wide. Alternatively, a side-mounted compressor and condenser facilitates a greater worktop area and models are available with either a left-sided or right-sided mounting. Some of the largest appliances have a width and depth of approximately 2,240mm x 700mm, such as the four-door Sterling Pro SPP-7-225-40, and some even have a capacity of up to 20 cubic feet.

There is also a good choice of features. The Scanfrost/Caravell CPP101G Refrigerated Counter boasts a granite work surface, while the Inomak PN9999 20cu Refrigerated Gastronorm Counter has height-adjustable legs instead of casters. Many of the units take Gastronorm pans and trays, and some have temperature ranges that go down to -5ºC.

With so much variety on offer, there is a refrigerated counter worktop that will suit the needs of any catering business, whether large or small, well established or just starting out.