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Chicken Rotisseries

A commercial chicken rotisserie delivers mouthwatering results. The sight and aroma is irresistible, tempting customers into your establishment and ensuring they return for more. Heat traps in flavour and meat self-bastes to create tender, succulent chicken that melts in the mouth. As the food never touches the flame, it browns without charring.

Roller Grill is a global leader in catering equipment and a popular provider of chicken rotisseries. Perfect for busy catering establishments, a commercial chicken rotisserie does not just deliver great taste but is also a time-saving piece of equipment that will free up kitchen staff to concentrate on other tasks. Birds will cook to perfection without the need for constant monitoring.

Rotisseries are quick and easy to clean and operate and are available in different sizes to suit your catering requirements. Electric models have infra-red quartz heating tubes, while gas models are fitted with infra-red ceramic burners. All models feature adjustable spits, two power settings, interior lights, and juice collectors

For larger kitchens, Roller Grill RBE 200Q and RBG 30 are high-capacity chicken rotisseries that can accommodate 20 to 30 chickens. Chickens are simply skewered, one after another, for perfect results every time. For smaller establishments the RBE 120 and RBG 120 have three spits to roast 6 to12 large birds.

The Roller Grill RBE 120Q (6 to 12 chickens) and the RBE 80Q (4 to 8 chickens) are ideal for front of house and can be positioned on a counter top. Birds are roasted to perfection and remain ready to serve in a heated display area.