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Induction Hobs

Using an induction cooker or hob is a high-tech, highly efficient way to cook food. Induction hobs utilise electromagnetism in order to generate a magnetic field between the pan and the magnetic copper coil located underneath the hob’s glass top. Electricity runs through this coil, resulting in the production of electromagnetic energy. This energy then passes to the pan and heats it.

Induction hobs heat food more quickly than conventional hobs. They are also cheaper to run because there is no wasted heat. The heat that is generated passes only to the cooking vessel and not the cooking surface as a whole. This makes preparing hot food far safer and it also benefits the environment. Keep in mind that it is essential that you use a pan with a high iron content that is compatible with your induction hob.

We stock a great range of induction hobs from leading manufacturers including Diamond, Buffalo, Ital, Apollo, Red One and TopPrep to suit all your various cooking needs. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art ceramic induction hob, a slim induction plate or a specialist hob for a wok, we have the right appliance for you.

Induction cooking incorporates the very latest technology to make preparing food as quick, simple and safe as possible. Why not browse our extensive selection today and take advantage of our special online prices and great warranty packages?