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Spice Grinders

We have been grinding, grating, drying and preparing spices in a myriad of ways to add flavour and interest to our food. 'Spices' is a generic term for a foodstuff that comes in many different forms - bark, buds, fruit, seeds and roots ‒ and most take some preparation.

If you are a business that produces food through either restaurants or catering outlets, then a spice grinder is an essential piece of equipment. Store-bought spices are never the same as freshly ground, as pre-ground spice will incur flavour loss over time and become stale. A good grinder, such as the Waring CD409, will allow you to produce the most flavourful spices quickly and easily, adding an extra touch to your dishes. A spice grinder will enable you to grind spices to a different coarseness and save you having to buy spice in two forms if, for example, you need a ground and a whole version of a spice The Waring CD409 features a 340ml bowl and dishwasher safe jars.

Some food processors also grind spices; however, if you are after a small quantity of spice, having to prepare and clean a food processor when a spice grinder can do it in half the time, and with minimal cleaning, is counterproductive. Once ground you can store your spices in a sealed glass bottle, but remember to use them quickly or you will be left with a slightly insipid and less flavoursome spice.