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Minibar Fridges

It is always tempting for visitors to open the minibar in a hotel to see what is inside. Most accommodation will offer this service and it can be disappointing to find that your room does not have a fridge.

Most guests like to help themselves to a cool, refreshing drink or snack such as a chocolate bar. It is also a handy place to keep small bottles of water so they do not get warm. The ISM SM31 even has a 1.5-litre bottle holder.

The minibar fridge is also suitable for conferences, meetings or boardrooms. Rather than having warm bottles of water on the table, people can help themselves to a cool bottle of water or a soft drink.

Some minibar fridges, such as the Sterling Pro SP35ECO, are silent running and won't disturb visitors. Some have internal lighting and some, such as the Tefcold TN40FD and TM40G, have an ice tray. These fridges come in several colours to complement the hotel room or meeting room.

Offices may also consider getting a minibar fridge for their staff and visitors. Being able to offer a cool drink instead of just tea or coffee is a lovely way to greet visitors, especially in the hot summer months or if they have had a long journey and need refreshing.

A minibar fridge would also look good if you are having a barbecue, as you can keep the drinks cold instead of having to keep nipping inside to the fridge when you need to replenish your glass. You can also keep the meats in the fridge before cooking, which is hygienic and also safer.